Special Season 2: Why Netflix MUST Renew It For A Second Run?

Special Season 2

Millions of fans have already binged the entire Season 1 and are longing for the renewal of ‘Special Season 2.’ Netflix did a great job making a show as effective as Special, and we’re so proud of it. The comedy series has every element that the modern world is craving for. Also, just to mention, we all loved Ryan O’Connell, and it’s hard to wait for him to return on our screens again.

Fortunately, Netflix’s attempt to empower the LGBTQ community, hit just right, and fans appreciate the contribution. The debut season of Special not only reverences being gay but also talks about Cerebral Palsy. Giving courage to both the identities, the streaming platform was brave enough to give it an opportunity. Moreover, Special does true justice to its genre because it’s hilariously good. Also, the series can easily compete with any other comedy of this year.

The Special

Executive producer Ryan O’Connell is magical as himself and is the perfect man for changing stereotypes. Inspired by his autobiography, the series presents us with a fictionalized version of the man that deserves some attention. The show, in every form, is empowering, not just to the LGBTQ community or to people with a disability but also to a large set of people that need to accept themselves as the way they are. As O’Connell says, there must be no closet as everyone deserves to enjoy their own sense of identity.

The first season of Special released on April 12th this year. Hence, it’s too soon for Netflix to renew any show. However, chances are high for the streaming platform to declare a proud renewal very soon. And, here are all the reasons why Special Season 2 deserves to be back on our screens.

Special Season 2: Audience Responses

Soon after the comedy premiered on the streaming platform, fans began appreciating the idea of the show. As its name suggests, the series is indeed ‘Special,’ not just for O’Connell but for every single person that had the courage to accept their true identities. Tweets and Instagram post showered the lead actor with hundreds of bouquets of praise. Moreover, fans highly demand a second season for the future classic comedy.

Special Season 2: Critical Response

The very special comedy series ‘Special’ was widely reverenced by critics around the globe. With highly rating on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and many other sites, Netflix’s Original show is officially declared a must-watch. Though some of the fans point out the length of the series, others demand Special Season 2 to have a higher budget than it initially had. Even then, viewers highly agree that the streaming platform must give it another chance.

Special Season 2: Makes A Change

The main intention behind bringing the topic to light was to make a change in society. The world is a difficult place for people that have anything different than the stereotypical ‘normal’ category. But the society finally needs to know that we’re all humans, and we should never be judged on the basis of our sexual orientation, disability, financial conditions, or body types. Netflix’s attempt to highlight the same needs more and more appreciation and strength to pull out a second installment.

Special Season 2

Special Season 2: Release Date

Netflix is yet to renew the series for a second run. Hence, it’s difficult to predict a release date for now. However, for a show like Special, the productions didn’t take much efforts and time. The episodes were as short as 12-15 minutes and were less in number. This hints that Season 2 may not take much time to hit the screens if it’s given the opportunity. Hence, it will be safe to expect it towards the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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