Zootopia 2: Canceled Or Confirmed? 2020 Updates, When Will It Release?

Zootopia 2
Walt Disney Pictures

We’ve all been waiting for almost four years for ‘Zootopia 2’ to release. While there is currently no official confirmation, fans demand to get a firm answer. Walt Disney Pictures has lately released several sequels of their popular films. However, a sequel to 2016’s blockbuster is yet unspoken. Well, it’s high time to raise questions. Hence, here’s everything we know about the second part of Zootopia.

After waiting for all these years, fans have begun to lose their patience. However, as of today, there’s still hope for the movie’s return. Directors and cast members have previously spilled secrets related to the sequel. On the other hand, speculations say that the film might already be in production.

Will ‘Zootopia 2’ Ever Come Out?

Well, chances for the return of our favorite characters seem pretty likely. Zootopia is one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time. With its debut in 2016, it earned a worldwide gross of over $1 billion. As of today, Zootopia 2 remains to be one of the most anticipated sequels of the year. In fact, looking at its popularity, a second part can actually earn more than double it did earlier. Hence, it’s hard to assume that Disney would let go of its potential profit.

On the other hand, the makers of the film have previously shown interest in creating a second part. Back in 2016, co-directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore acknowledged that fans are indeed expecting Zootopia 2 to be created. Moreover, it’s exciting for them to think of a sequel too. In fact, they already have several ideas to implement in the upcoming film. Well, as of now, it’s good news that Howard and Moore at least intend work on the film.

Another point to notice is that some of the cast members have confirmed their presence in Zootopia 2. Mark “Rhino” Smith, who voiced Officer McHorn, a black rhinoceros police officer, spilled some major secrets. The actor accepted that he would be reprising his role in the new film. This suggests that he might already be called in by the makers.

Zootopia 2
Walt Disney Pictures

Tom Lister Jr, the voice of Finnick, a fennec fox, says that he’s sure doing another Zootopia with Disney. He quoted in a Blog Mickey article that Disney might be doing three of them. Well, if that’s true, it sure is great news for Zootopia fandom.

Possibilities Of A Third Part & Zootopia 2 Budget!

Tommy “Tiny” Lister gave out one of the biggest information we have about Zootopia 2. The actor discussed the possibilities of a third part in Disney’s plan and the sequel’s budget. Tom continued that Walt Disney Pictures are actually working on three parts of the film. While this assures the release of the second installment, we may not hear about Zootopia 3 for a long time.

On the other hand, when discussing the sequel, the actor quotes that Disney has increased the production budget. He highlights that the debut film was produced with $240 million. Whereas, Zootopia 2 might actually have a budget as high as $300 million. Well, it’s important to note that this is what they spent on the budget and not the advertising. While it’s finally amazing to hear someone confirm the release of the second movie, fans must wait for official confirmation by Disney or the makers.

Zootopia 2
Walt Disney Pictures

What Will Happen In The Sequel?

While we’re still waiting for a formal announcement, the makers have openly talked about their ideas for Zootopia 2. Co-directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore have discussed that the sequel may feature some of the scenes that were cut from the original film. While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Howard mentions that there were several ideas and characters they had that couldn’t make it to the debut movie. There’s a vast potential for them that may further be featured in the second part.

While discussing some ideas, Howards mentions that there’s a part in the film where the train goes by Sahara Square, and Hopps looks up at the huge palm tree hotel. The directors designed the palm tree hotel to the nines. This includes the lobby and the interior, whereas Gazelle (Shakira) has a suite at the top. While the designs couldn’t make it to the debut movie, Howards considers it to be an awesome setting in the future.

Zootopia 2
Walt Disney Pictures

Aside from the palm tree hotel, the directors have several ideas that they came up with while researching for the film. Apart from them, they may come up with new concepts to feature in the sequel, as well. This includes the relationship between Nick and Judy.

Will Nick & Judy Become A Couple?

One of the main questions that audiences need to be answered in Zootopia 2 is about the relationship between the protagonists Nick and Judy. While a large number of fans ship them as a couple, others believe that it’s rather better to keep them as friends. Upon being asked about them, the directors answer that they eventually do need to answers the question in the sequel.
Rich Moore says that they will have to discuss their relationship. However, he expresses that the answer may disappoint a major group of viewers. Fans expecting Nick and Judy to get married will be upset if they end up as “just” friends. Whereas, the ones refusing the romance will be unsettled to see them together. Hence, it’s a big and influential decision to make, and the makers need to gird themselves for that. However, as of now, none of it is finalized.
Zootopia 2
Walt Disney Pictures

Zootopia Season 2: Release Date

The four-year-long hiatus has been very stressful for fans around the globe. The lack of official confirmation is making the audiences more and more impatient over the passing time. Well, it’s important to consider that Disney took more than four years to create the debut film. The makers took around two years to research the animals and build up the storyline. Whereas the production and animation took longer.
Hence, it’s reasonable for them to take even longer to produce a sequel. The second part of the film also requires research, which takes plenty of time. Whereas, now that the technology has been a little advanced, Disney needs to come up with new ideas to match up fans’ expectations.
On the other hand, it’s natural for Disney to take a few years to bring up a sequel (Frozen 2 returned after seven years). Hence, in case Zootopia 2 is actually in production, it may take some time to premiere at the screens. However, as of now, a release before early 2020, is highly unlikely.

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