90 Day Fiance: Death Threats To Steven Frend, Is He Really That Bad?

90 Day Fiance

If we talk about the most hated contestants on 90 Day Fiance, Steven Frend will definitely top the list. Because of the treatment, he has been giving to Olga Koshimbetova, Steven is definitely in the bad books of the fans. The hatred has risen to such an extent that the star has been receiving death threats. Since the dislike has crossed a line, Steven had to take measures to stay safe in the middle of all the hatred flying around.

90 Day Fiance: Does TLC deserve To Be Blamed For Steven’s Situation?

Steven has been receiving a lot of criticism from fans for the way he treats Olga. He accuses her of not giving him enough attention since they had a baby. But as we all know, TLC is always after immense drama. Viewers see what TLC shows them. This raises a question, is what we are seeing on TV really going on in their life? Or is it a disguised attempt by TLC to raise the TRP?

Most of the cast members have also been complaining about the major edits in the way their lives are being portrayed by TLC. An insider claims that the scenes of Olga and her son had been greatly influenced by the editing and production. According to reports, Steven and Olga visited the US embassy but TLC showed Olga’s sad face as though nothing good is going on in the couple’s life. She also looked a little afraid.

90 Day Fiance: Is The Footage Heavily Edited?

Earlier, Steven admitted that a part of his behavior towards Olga wasn’t right. He should have apologized for the rude treatment he inflicted on Olga. The production goes on for hours but somehow TLC has managed to display Steven in a bad light. The entire content is heavily cut down and edited to show only those portions capable of gaining huge TRP. In fact, an entire context between the young couple never aired.

From Olga’s Instagram post regarding the time of her labor, it is clear that Steven is not as evil as TLC is portraying him to be. In this case, it is quite evident that TLC’s reputation for crossing limits to gain ratings is true to a great extent. We are not saying that Steven is totally innocent. But he is not as evil as TLC is trying to show. An insider reported that some of the lines were scripted and Steven was influenced to say them.

Olga Koshimbetova Stands In Support Of Steven

From her Instagram post, it is clear that Olga is not as angry at Steven as fans. No matter what we see on TV, one fact that has been consistent throughout is that Olga has never left the side of her beloved significant other.

Steven In Disguise Because Of The Death Threats

Tired of the harassment and threats from viewers, Steven has adopted a new look and is in disguise. What do you think? Is Steven’s reputation overexaggerated by TLC for TRPs of 90 Day Fiance? Let us know in the comments below.

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Such a cute baby! 👼🏼 Steven defends his relationship and the couple will be doing a Q & A @youtube video after this season of #90DayFiance 💍 What will you be asking? . . . #Repost @stevenfrend ・・・ "Let me address this because I understand how you all feel. But we, Olga and I; refuse to let what you all see on screen put an image on our relationship if that makes sense. For some reason we do only get a few short minutes on screen so there isn’t a lot to see but if I were sitting in your shoes seeing only hats on screen I would be scared too. It’s not pretty, it’s nasty, but most importantly; That is not 1% close to our relationship. As soon as this season is over we will do a YouTube Chanel, showing our relationship in its purest form. Olga and I rarely bicker or swear at eachother; We have very strong mutual respect in our relationship and always talk out issues together before it causes more. We’ve learned a lot about each other over the past year and we’re sorry you couldn’t see the great moments we really had. Once the season is over we will do Q/A from you all and if possible do love videos with people for our channel. But we both really want to show our relationship for what it really is and show who we truly are. As said before if I were in your shoes seeing this, i would be scared too. I understand certain opinions have been formed but that doesn’t bring me down, I just wish to soon show you all who we really are" . . . #90DayFiancenews @TLC #TLC #realitytv #viral #relationships #couples #marriage #MarryingAbroad #Russia #K1VISA #love #StevenandOlga #StevenOlga

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