’90 Day Fiance’: Screenshots Prove Ashley Lying About Jay Being With Her

90 Day Fiance

Ashley and Jay from “90 Day Fiance” have become pioneers when it comes to relationship politics and lying. After weeks of silence about their relationship status, the new development is Jay’s presence in Ashley’s place. When she was in the middle of a live video, fans saw Jay roaming around in her apartment. Some of the fans took a screenshot that shows Jay’s presence. Why was Jay peering around her house when the two of them are as good as over?

90 Day Fiance: Are Jay And Ashley A Thing Again?

In a previous Instagram Live video, Ashley explained the off-camera chaos by saying that her kids were there. But the recent camera slip is singing a completely different song. The latest update is that next to her was Jay Smith, her famous husband accused of infidelity just after tying the knot.

Is Jay’s Instagram Post a Confirmation Of His Presence With Ashley?

Meanwhile, Jay posted a picture of him wearing winter gear. No location is mentioned, but the possibility is that he could be in Pennsylvania. Moreover, the reality star also posted a video in which he was seen lip-syncing to an audio track. He is resting his head on a woman’s bare leg in the video. This makes fans wonder whether the mystery woman might be Ashley. However, the woman’s face isn’t visible in the video.

All these hints make it too obvious that he is in Ashley’s apartment. The big question here is that if it is true, why is Ashley so adamant on denying the same?

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Again Caught On Video

The most recent development on the 90 Day Fiance front indicates that Ashley denies Jay’s presence. In another one of Ashley’s live videos, screenshots captured that he was there. He can be seen peeking around the corners. Fans have been wondering since then about what the real situation is.

A reasonable explanation is that the former 90 Day Fiance couple is trying to take advantage and stay in the headlines. Ashley is in the middle of launching a new business. She is currently busy in the development of a pajama line for plus sized ladies. She scored a trip to the fashion week absolutely free of cost and also teamed up with a designer. Could this whole incident be an event to gain the required attention for her new venture?

What do you think is the reason behind all the lying? Is there really something going on or the two of them are just trying to gain some hype? Is it all again a drama like mostly everything is with this couple? After all, Ashley could have been more careful while making the video. She could have asked Jay to hide. Moreover, Jay could himself have hidden if he didn’t want to be caught in Ashley’s live video. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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