90 Day Fiance Stars Face Deportation and Brutal Consequences After Divorce

90 Day Fiance

While all married couples do their best to mend their relationship and prevent it from coming to divorce, 90 Day Fiance couples have another thing to worry about while getting divorced. A divorce is sure a stressful time in any relationship. But if the mental strain is combined with getting kicked out of a country, individuals have something to pay close attention to.

A divorce is an event that can literally turn a person’s life upside down. This is particularly evident in the case of 90 Day Fiance couples. The whole concept of the show was to bring together couples where one American falls madly in love with someone from a foreign land. They then spend 90 days together and decide whether to part ways or tie the knot. Apparently, the recent season has comprised quite some lovers spat, some leading to divorce.

90 Day Fiance: The Show’s Track Record

Matt Sharp, 90 Day Fiance’s executive producer has boasting off that there have been only three divorces as far as the couples of the show are collectively compared. The main reason behind the huge fan following of the show is the unpredictability factor. In the USA, about 40% of the couples end in divorce. For the show, that percentage is less than 10 % which is a win-win situation for the producers.

90 day Fiance Season 6: Couples knocking Down The Low Divorce Rate?

90 Day Fiance

With two couples already have begun the divorce proceedings and one separated, season 6 contestants aren’t displaying a good track record.

90 Day Fiance: Jay and Ashley, Colt and Larissa, John and Fernanda

Speaking of the two couples that have begun their divorce proceedings are Larissa and Colt along with Jay and Ashley. After all the cheating allegations on Jay, Ashley has filed for divorce in January 2019. Fans are aware of the massive drama Larissa and Colt are into. With Larissa getting out of control and posting pictures of her bruised face, the situation got way out of hand. Colt has also filed for a divorce with the help of his mother.

90 Day Fiance

While Ashley filed for divorce, later it was revealed that she had withdrawn all the paperwork. She considers that Jay is her responsibility as she called him from Jamaica to America. Her friend says that once she has kicked him out, it is not her responsibility regarding where he goes. Ashley opened up and said that she really loves him. But she then also raises the doubt that maybe Jay was just after the green card.

John and Fernanda are separated but divorce isn’t confirmed yet. They are in touch and communicate on a regular basis. Who knows, it might mend the relationship! John has also been seen defending Fernanda on social media. He tried to convince the fans that she is not a gold digger.

Wrapping It Up

Was a green card all that these partners wanted from their significant others? Will the foreign counterparts be deported after the divorce? Let us know what you think in the comments below.